Thursday, October 16, 2008

Andy and Mandy's Wedding!

On October 11th, Ceej and I had the privilege of being a part of the wedding of our dear friends, Andy and Mandy. We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Andy and Mandy as couples for numerous game nights, valley fair trips, and dinner dates, and our friendship has grown tremendously throughout the past few years. Having friends that you can spend time with both on your own and as a couple is a very important yet rare find, and we both value and appreciate the time we can spend with them. We are extremely happy for the newlyweds, and we look forward to watching their love grow!

How we all met: Ceej and Andy have been friends since they were just little kiddos! They spent nearly all their time together. Apparently, they managed to stay out of trouble by making videos with the camcorder (as evidence, a "music video" of Andy singing when he was 8 was played during the Best Men's speech; it was absolutely hilarious to see how little he has changed!). Andy and I became friends the summer before my freshman year in high school, even before Ceej and I did! He has supported us throughout our relationship, and we will always appreciate that. Mandy transferred to Altoona her senior year and was a couple of years older. Because, unlike older boys, older girls don't really mix with younger girls until AFTER high school graduation, we became friends a few years ago through the four of us hanging out. I am so happy that we have them!

Ceej and I had a blast at the wedding! Not surprisingly, it made us really excited for our own!
Andy and Mandy had a trolley drive the wedding party around for a few hours between the ceremony and reception. We made a couple stops at Rolly's bar and 10th Street park for some pictures, but the trolley was so much in itself with karaoke and champagne that no other stops were needed!
So, the picture below is very out of order. It's actually at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. I included it because the wonderful man I'm going to be married to in 219 days is an extremely snappy dresser. He picked out his adorable outfit all by himself, just knowing the color of my dress! As corny as it is, we just love coordinating!