Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awkward Pregnancy Photos

Here's a post with a lot of extremely awkward pregnancy pictures that made me laugh so hard that I might have peed a little:

Sunday, December 5, 2010


That's just me, you know, practicing for labor by trying to stay calm amidst the last TEN days of school. TEN. Ooofta that is nerve-wracking to even say. I mean, I have TEN fingers. I have TEN eggs in my fridge. I have TEN stretch marks on my boobs (TMI? Whatev. It's my blog.). Aside from the last comment, 10 is minuscule - minute - minimal. Final assignments, final exams, finishing up a year long research project and presenting it to the IRB... EEEK. Welp, guarantee you won't get another post before the big day, so here's a little lick to hold you over.

Pregnancy at 24 weeks = going very well. Thank goodness. If I was barfing and feeling horrible, I would probably have to drop out of school. Latest quirks (you're never really "normal" during pregnancy, are you?) equal me becoming extremely out of breath walking up stairs. We're talking huffing and puffing about to blow the house down here, people. Also, extra large boobs have come into the picture (2 sizes up thankyouverymuch). For the record, they are not as "fun" as one may think. And they are certainly not as cute. I have also started retaining noticeably more water. Last night I wore light socks that ended right below my calf for just a few hours, which obviously meant I then wore "skin-indentation-mark-socks" the rest of the night. Sweet. Sleeping is meh - okay. In honor of my fast approaching finals, let's do a quiz:

I wake up about 5 times a night because I am
A.) Sweating
B.) Freezing
C.) Have to pee
D.) A+C or B+C.

If you guessed D, you win!

I had SEVERE pain under my scapulas for a couple weeks that was horrible for sleeping/living. I'd be icing them throughout the day and would not sleep because they'd be throbbing. It was caused by me sleeping on my side with my shoulders elevated too much (like shrugging your shoulders). Thank goodness that has been completely eliminated by sleeping with a body pillow instead of 2 giant bed pillows. Seriously - weeks of pain gone (literally) overnight. Amen.

Baby is kicking and moving up a storm! It's awesome to feel and very frequent - which I wasn't really expecting for some reason. Pre-pregnancy I kind of figured it was a sharp jab once a day. Nope - it's a sweet little rolly polly feeling like your insides are bread dough being kneaded. We have a second ultrasound Wednesday night and I am REAL pumped - at least it's one thing to look forward to this week!

Back to homework! It's going to be a late night and disgustingly early morning.