Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weird Dreams + Halfway Point

Let's just talk about a couple of dreams I've been having, because I know I've already forgot a bunch and want to savor them.

1. I gave birth to triplet boys. Ceej decided their names were Adam, Brett, and Ben. He told everyone that those were their names. I was obviously livid because those were not names we had talked about. I yelled "If anything, you're naming one, I'm naming one, and we'll compromise on the third!" I just couldn't believe he'd went against our decided name possibilities.

2. The baby was basically a large mole on my stomach. We were "admiring" it (my skin was clear and thin over it, so we could see it clearly), when it popped out. Dangit! We liked holding him, but knew he was too small because his reflexes hadn't developed yet, and that would affect his motor development later on (Yes. That is truly what I was thinking about. Only an OT student would be thinking about that in her dreams). We took *him* to the doctor and were debating between biodegradable diapers and the material in liquid-stitches to use as diapers - then decided on the biodegradable ones - before the doctor sewed him back ONTO my stomach. Problem solved.

Dang - that's all that is coming to mind at the moment that are blog-appropriate.

On a different note, we've reached our halfway point! I'm officially halfway to meeting my baby! Here is my precious baby from the inside:

Call me biased, but I really just think it's the cutest baby I've ever seen :). It was the most amazing feeling watching it on the screen moving - s/he was flipping around and around and bending all his/her limbs and everything. I think it looks like me - the nose for sure, my mom said the long forehead (I guess that I had the same profile as a baby, but I don't really remember), even his/her little wide hand with the hitch-hiker's thumb and big toe spaced apart from the rest. None of those are Ceej-characteristics, so hopefully his blue eyes reign through at least! The ultrasound made it so much more real that I have a little person in my belly. It's really awesome to more accurately picture it moving when I feel it (which is multiple times per day, every day). Ceej still hasn't felt it, so I hope that happens soon. I just feel so thankful that we're growing this little person! I am super excited to get to know him/her and learn more about his/her little personality.

Pregnancy is going great - I have zero complaints and have been so blessed. If my first trimester was like this trimester, you may have seen my face on the reality show "I didn't know I was pregnant." I have been a little more tired than usual lately, but it's also the last month of school - so stress can take a toll as well. That's right, folks - I WILL GRADUATE IN 1 MONTH and 1 DAY!!! WOOHOOOO! I just can't believe it, and I really can't picture being done with all the stuff that's going on in the next month. It is very scary/exciting/overwhelming - EEK. I'm traveling more (lately it's been 3 days in Rochester every week), which has been taking it's toll on my energy level, too. To be honest, after 6 years of higher education, I'm just ready to be done. Anyway, for more pictures of the bump ... here's my babe from the outside:
At 19 weeks:

At 20 weeks: