Sunday, August 29, 2010


Welp - things are growing around here! First our lil' garden is below. Impressed? I am. Our little bunny (whom I guess Ceej did not kill that night on the way home from Rolly's) has continued to eat the lilies. Oh well - we're so over it.

The SECOND thing that we're growing is our very own little embryo! That's right - we are expecting the tiniest Thurner on March 24, 2011 - making me 10 weeks impregnated (which sounds way more cool than "pregnant"). Warning: this is a long post! I've got a lot to tell you, dear blogging friends. Both for your random knowledge and my own memories.

So, first off, how we found out: I was suspecting the ordeal and took a test one day from the Dollar Tree - I'd bought 5 for 5 bucks at my last trip - can't be too careful. So I took it and saw the tiniest, faintest line that I literally thought it was an evaporation line. So, just to be safe, I took another one. Same thing - didn't think it counted. It was LIGHT, folks. So went on my merry way. I know you always hear "any line counts", but the whole thought of pregnancy is not a new concept for us - I've literally taken at least 20 pregnancy tests in the past 14 months. I'm irregular, don't judge. So then a week later I took another one from my Dollar Tree stash:

Ceej was in the next room and I told him it was negative again and brought it downstairs to cook dinner. It was sitting on the counter and I was cooking away. Ceej came down and glanced at it and said he saw a light line and asked if that counted. Well, that threw me for a loop. I told him I didn't think it counted, so naturally finished making and eating dinner, going on our merry way. As the night went on, though, we kept giving one another weird looks - WHAT IF it counted? We broke down and he ran out to Walgreens to splurge on the digital test. I practically ran to the bathroom when he came in the door and ...

No denying that! We're parents! We were quite shell-shocked that first night - who wouldn't be? We're so pumped though! It's scary and exciting and nerve-wracking and thrilling - a whirlwind of emotions! I'm so excited to meet my son or daughter, and I think about him or her most moments of everyday. I've been feeling okay - which is slightly optimistic - but it IS improving, so I'm not gonna jinx myself. Here are some of my major symptoms from the last 2 1/2 months:

Month 1

Sweating: All. The. Time. I had to put ice packs on my neck while cooking. No joke. Thank the good Lord that I will not be pregnant over summer. He knows me too well.
Forgetfulness: I think of something to look up (almost always pregnancy related), click the browser, and -whoop!- the thought is vanished. This happened many times a day.
Fatigue: Before we found out we're expecting, I went out to mow the lawn and thought I was going to pass out pushing it up the huge hill (okay - moderate slope) in our back yard. It was extreme. This symptom goes hand-in-hand with the sweating. I've gone to some Body Pump classes & continued to workout because I am feeling well overall, but let me tell you - this child of mine is making me rain from the inside out. People stare. At least now I know to stop before the pass-out phase dawns in.
Month 2
Oh, hello ALL DAY sickness! Starting in week 7, we're talking ick ick ick upon waking (even before getting out of bed) until bedtime. No bueno! Thank the good Lord that this did not last more than 2 weeks! I'm still feeling fatigued (which is a humble word for exhausted beyond belief every waking moment), and I am loving my sleep. I'm on break still, so I feel zero guilt about sleeping 10 hours a night and let's just be honest - an occasional afternoon nap. I'm growing a person here! I'm still able to run and workout, although it feels kind of like a jiggle fest already. I have gained a few pounds already, even though they say you don't have to. Sorry folks - when you feel like death, anything that sounds good is going to go down. I hate when I tell people and they say, "oh, yeah, I lost a million pounds the first trimester!" Well to that I say, eff off - we are not the same! K so what - I'm obviously just jealous. I've already grown an entire cup size. Woohooo! Optimistic me went out and bought 2 brand new bras from Victoria's Secret, all excited to feel pretty. THEN I read online that they CONTINUE GROWING throughout pregnancy and EVEN MORE after. WHAT?! WHEN WILL THEY STOP?!?! My next bras will likely be from Saver's. Seriously.

So that's that for symptoms so far! Pretty mild, I know. I forgot to take a picture at 8 weeks, so you'll have to wait until 12 I suppose!

Okay, so I must tell this story, because 1. it is classic and 2. I do not want to forget. If you're bored, go ahead and skip it. I had my first "doctor's" appointment - which - surprise, surprise - turned out to be with a "maternity counselor" RN. First off, I was PUMPED for this appointment. We found out we were impregnated at about 5 weeks, and my appointment was at 9 3/4 weeks (yes, they were that specific). I had a bag packed full of my vitamins, extra supplements I was taking, tea boxes to confirm ingredients (I've read that some ingredients aren't safe for my embryo). So anyway, I go in and the first thing the lady asks is what I do. I proudly explain that I'm in school for OT and will graduate in December, then I have 6 months of fieldwork before taking the Boards. I explained that my professors are being super great and working with me about my placements to work around the birth and recovery time, and that the baby should really only postpone me being an OT by a few months. Her response? Was it "oh, good for you!" or "good luck - you'll be busy but you can do it if you want it badly enough."? Nope - it was a sassy "hope you finish." WHAT? Are you serious lady? So I explained a little more about my story, and her second statement? "well, I just see that a lot - people come in with a year left of school and then they just never go back. But I hope you finish." LISTEN LADY. NOT A CHOICE. I was pretty much fuming at her at this point. I further explained that, while some new moms may have a year left of school and not finish, I will have just 6 months of fieldwork and will finish. End of story. Needless to say, this peach was on my bad side real quick. NEXT - the crazy lady says, "don't mind my RASH - I have poison ivy all over my body. I think it's even spreading to the back of my head (ITCHES head)". WHHHAAAAATTTT? Who does this girl think she is? THEN I see in HORROR at what she is talking about - the girl has RED BUMPS and SCABS all over her arms and neck and face - she is covered. Literally. I laugh nervously and say, "oh, did you go camping or soemthing?" her non-comforting, casual response? "nope, I actually have no idea how I got it." My response, "OH - how do you know it's poison ivy?" The joker's response, "oh, I don't actually have any idea, but I know it's not contagious." REALLY!? HOW?! YOU CRAZY LADY GET THE BEEEEEEP OUTTA HERE!!!! I didn't actually say that, and instead just went on with the appointment. Later, when I got out all my supplies (obviously a first time mom here), I asked her about the tea and she's like, "Oh, I haven't heard of that - I have no idea." Sweet - thanks for your help. And as for my question about the quality of fish oil supplements vs. their mercury content (I've been doing lots of research about this, folks) - "oh, well, I'm not sure - you can ask your pharmacist that." LISTEN LADY - I'm here to ask YOU. So I left that appointment more dumb and confused than when I entered. Whatever - the next one (at 12 weeks) will entail an actual midwife NOT covered in a scabby rash and lacking all possible knowledge AND we'll get to hear the heartbeat. I may sound bitter - but that lady was about THE most unprofessional individual on this planet. If I get her again, I will ask for someone else. Seriously.

Anyway, on a happier note - Ceej and I are thrilled and feel blessed beyond belief to be parents! It's such a uniting and intimate experience to know that we've created a person - our own little buddy to drastically change our life and rock our world. We're going to wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl because a wise friend recently said that knowing the sex and name has made the last few months unbearably boring. No dissing anyone who found out - it's definitely an individual decision - but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to need that extra oomph at the end to get me through. So here's to parenthood! OH, and one more thing - since I'm on break and all I read "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy and it was a hoooot! I was laughing out loud throughout. She's very blunt and talks about her pregnancy in a very honest way (which I appreciate). I also bought "Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay" and plan on completing that before school starts next week :).

Second Week of Heaven

So just finished my second week of break - ahh the wonderfulness. I continued the relaxing, working, walking, over all thoroughly enjoying myself. Also, went golfing with Jess Hong, shampooed all of our carpets, and washed both of our cars (all this in one day. I woke up the next feeling like I'd been hit by a bus.). We went to the last live music in Phoenix Park for the summer with Mandrew (Mandy + Andrew), and I'm slightly devastated that it'll be gone until next summer. It's my favorite thing.

We also spent a weekend in Stillwater and a weekend in Hartford. First, Stillwater to visit my family! I love them. We had our classic family breakfast and then Ceej left for Brock's Bachelor party in the cities. Dad and I walked downtown, watched my sister Jenni's impressive building of a mini-version of her house for my niece, Elliana (a custom playhouse), and went to a car show in Hastings with Jamie & Tyler + 4 :). Oh my how those beautiful nieces & nephews of mine are growing! On Sunday dad and I walked downtown again, I went for a run, and then my ex-roomies came to Stillwater to visit (and, by the way, it still breaks my heart to include the "ex-", even though it's been a year and a half). Ceej came through as well, and Dana's boyfriend, Matt joined us for a big ol' family fun-filled time! The 5 of us went to lunch on the water, walked around downtown (obviously a trend), and got whopping ice cream cones at Nelson's. It was greeeaatt to see my family and then my psuedo-family closest girlfriends. WHY I have zero pictures from this experience is beyond me - as soon as someone else posts some on Facebook I'll steal them and put them here.

The following weekend Ceej and I went to Hartford, Wisconsin to visit my grandparents & aunts & uncles & cousins - it was quite fabulous as well. We woke up and Saturday and Gram took Ceej and I out for breakfast at Perc Place. Yummo! Came back and had visitors - my mom came from Eau Claire, my auntie Krista, my cousin Lindsay & her 16 month old son, Emmitt, and my cousin Katie and her 6 month old daughter, Ella. A fun, full house! We relaxed and talked and then had a scrumptious feast, as per Gram's usual. Ceej fished a ton (I don't blame him - there was a whole lot of estrogen going on). It was wonderful to see everyone - we hadn't even met Ella yet because we hadn't been to Hartford since Thanksgiving! Dang school makes the 4 hour drive an unrealistic destination for a typical weekend. Anyway, it was so great to see them. I love that my entire family - on all sides - has such a close relationship, but it makes me so sad that I can't be with all of them all the time. Just have to do the best we can in terms of visiting, and most importantly be thankful for the relationships and wonderful people that we have in our lives - both near and far!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Weeks of Bliss

I'm finally on my between-semesters break, a 3-week-long glimpse of Heaven. So far, in the past week I've been working, relaxing, walking, running, napping, catching up on paper work/book ordering/class registering, working on my research, embracing the good ol' Oakwood Mall with 99% of Eau Claire's middle school population, and took a little weekend trip to Duluth with my mom, brother, and Ceej-meister. It was my first weekend of freedom after finals, so the relaxation and excuse to not do anything productive was excellent. We walked around a lot and hiked and ate. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, right on the water in Canal Park.

How did finals go, you ask? Well, I had 4 and did excellent on one and horrible on 3. The one I did excellent on was - no lie - a surprise group test. Kind of like a dream come true to go into an exam and have the professor say to pick your group. Apparently I wasn't the only one who did awful (and by awful, I mean failed - we're not being modest here.), because there was plenty of bonus questions to allow me to pass my classes. On to the last semester of school - I can't even believe how fast it's gone. I will actually graduate this December, have 6 months of fieldwork, take the boards, and be an occupational therapist. Wootwoot! Until then, I'm stuffing my face with highly buttered popcorn and watching the Bad Girls Club - professional, right?