Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spooky Season!

Oh, how I love Halloween! If Christmas wasn't about Jesus' birth, Halloween would definitely be my favorite. Jesus always wins, so Christmas wins, too. Anyway, Ceej and I had an especially Halloween-y weekend. We carved pumpkins and went to a haunted house! It was wonderful. I may look super tough, but boy let me tell you, I was a screamer. For. sure. The haunted house here is ridiculously scary, and I love it that way! We still have to make it to an apple orchard. Then our traditions will be complete!

HELP! We need to figure out costumes!! Any suggestions?? We're spending Friday night in Madison and then heading to Stillwater for my dad's big Halloween bash! It will be so great; I'm just bursting with joy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not as Sad as I Should be

I posted my wedding dress on eBay because, well, that's where I bought it from. The thought of "losing" my dress was not really a big deal to me. I thought that we would have enough memories in photographs, and we could make more memories with the money from it (like take a vacation, go on a Mission Trip, etc.). Besides, I was NOT going to be one of those brides that says, "my daughter will probably wear it one day." Let's just be honest- that never ends up happening. Anyway, my dress sold and I was still feeling fine. I wore it around the house a few times and shipped it out with only a bit of sadness in my heart. Well, turns out it had a super teeny hole that I didn't even notice, and the buyer decided to send it back to me (after dry cleaning it, which was a HUGE perk). So there it is, hanging in the closet again (except clean this time), and I keep peaking over at it. I love that dress. And even though my future daughter won't be wearing it down the aisle, I can definitely picture her prancing around the house in it someday. I bet we'll take turns doing so :).

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Visit from Danasaur!

Last night my dear friend and ex-roommate from college, Dana, came to visit! Let me tell you- we had a great time! The two of us end up doing most things alone, and we always have so much fun that we love it that way. We spent a majority of the evening at Wigwam bar for Trivia Night. What a blast! We were the self-proclaimed "Wigwam Wuvers"... and we definitely did not win. After a great time at Wigwam we met Ceej down at Rolly's for a drink. This morning we enjoyed a nice long walk outside in the gorgeous FALL-like weather (since the silly snow melted), and then had lunch at Erbs and Gerbs before she headed back. What a perfect day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kickin' up our heels

We've been loving the crisp, Fall weather! So much so that Ceej decided to play a game of football with his little brother and -whoops!- ends up breaking/straining his foot. The poor guy! This was last week (can you see how "miserable" he is?). He's still icing it and it is definitely discolored and very sore, but we don't really know if it's broken or not.

Since I've been a slave to the studies we decided to take a break Friday night and go out with some friends. We had so much fun! We all got together at Andy and Mandy's and played an intense game of Pictionary (Girls won. Again.) and Balderdash. Then headed over to Rolly's until bar close. It was GREAT to be with close friends and one another! Even though we're both home we don't actually "hang out" that much because I do homework pretty much constantly.

I got new glasses! My old right lens was not strong enough for my stinker right eye. Reading on the computer was giving me headaches, which is not okay in this profession of online student. I went to the eye doctor to renew my subscription and get the new guys and found out I have a virus in my eyes! Surprise! They were just a little sore so I thought nothing of it. They feel fine now, but I still have to lay off the contacts and put special drops in them for a few more days.

And last but certainly not least, we got our first snow fall! We woke up to these sweet little fluffs of love and couldn't resist taking a picture of the first snow on our first lawn! Oh how splendid!

Monday, October 5, 2009

We're Moving to Sweden!

Okay, not really. But I am definitely tempted, as will you be. This entry is dedicated to all of my blog-stalkers who are/ever will be parents: YOU need to move to Sweden. No joke. I was writing a comparative analysis on institutions in Sweden and their affect on how people interact with one another and participate in occupations within the institutions (which include religion, politics, family, education, economy, etc.) when I came across the following websites:

So, here's the deal: In order to increase the amount of people having babies, the government pay parents about $1000! Just for havin' babes. I can't believe it. AND, the most amazing thing, when babies are born parents are allowed 6 weeks off, oh wait that's the U.S., FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY DAYS OFF OF WORK. What!? AND 390 of those days you get PAID 80% of your working income. HOLY CRAP. Peace out, Wisco. I'm movin' to Sweden.

So I don't get sued or anything, references are below (we don't want to mess with plagerism).

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