Monday, September 28, 2009

Not such a bargain after all...

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to find a brand new hot water bottle at one of those "late-in-the-summer-rare-to-find-a-treasure" garage sales. The fact that it was about 20 years old was beside the point- it was $1! Seriously! A bargain for such a exceptional find! Last night our room was ice cold, which was probably due to the open window and fan on. Random fact: I LOVE sleeping in the cold when I am cozy under -literally- 8 blankets, but the "warming up" process can be dreadful. Last night I couldn't bare to slip in those frozen excuses for sheets, so I got the bright idea to sleep with my "new" hot water bottle (Since, remember, my hubby isn't around to spoon). Oh what a delight! I was pretty much in heaven with that warm bundle of love settled on my belly. I was smiling and thinking to myself, "gosh what a great invention this was! Poor Ceej will have to get used to sleeping with this when he gets home because I've found another life partner."

Well, let's just say that joy was short lived.

I woke up in ice cold, wet sheets! What a backfire THAT was. At first I thought someone had played a rude joke, but then remembered I was alone, and then I remembered that traitor-hot water bottle! Darn you!! Anyway I'll put it in a large Ziploc bag until I can make it to the store to pick up a replacement- it truly is an amazing companion if it doesn't leak all over you.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Alone

So that's me. Minus the creepsters in the background (well, hopefully). Ceej has gotten a GREAT opportunity to work two weeks straight 7pm to 7am two hours away. Although it's physically hard on him and emotionally hard on us to be so isolated from one another, we couldn't pass up the opportunity. He's been gone 2 days now, and I miss him like CRAZY! It's really lonely being all by myself! Especially since I have to be studying all the time and can't get out of the house to get my mind off of him. School has been going well, but I've been studying like a mad woman as it's EXTREMELY demanding. I've just given up the thought of having a social life for the next two years, although I really love what I'm learning. The more I learn about occupational therapy, the more I know it is definitely the only career I can imagine myself having. It's amazing stuff, I tell ya. I just have to work my booty off to get through this aspect of it. So in a sense this two week separation is good for me to 1. get some good study habits and 2. not feel guilty for studying all the time (I was feeling really bad for not being able to spend time with him, although of course he understands and appreciates me working hard). I just ache for him though! It's crazy to think about when I was going to school in Madison and having there be even greater lapses of time without being together. I was so much stronger and younger back then. I guess with age comes weakness (Just trickin').

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wait, there's two?!

Congratulations to my sister Jamie and her beautiful family, as I recently found out that they are expecting TWINS in about 6 months. We are thrilled for all of them and can't wait to meet the new additions!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our First Camping Trip

This Labor day weekend Ceej and I had our very first camping trip, and we absolutely loved it!! We went to Chetek and went all out- we cooked everything over the fire, relaxed, played an intense game of Scrabble that ended with a 309 to 309 tie, went for a run, read, and fished. We had a really wonderful weekend together, so much so that we declined several invitations to join our "camping neighbors" for a boat ride and at their bonfire because we were having so much fun on our own! It was nice to get away and just enjoy life's simple blessings. What a perfect weekend!

Puffer Tent

As a celebration for Ceej passing his test we had a very special date night. Ceej and I went out for a delicious dinner at Houligan's Steak House, stopped back at our house for ice cream and warmer clothes, and then we went miniature golfing at Action City. We had so much fun and were the only ones on the course (perhaps because it was so cold). That night we made a Puffer Tent to sleep in, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Take two large sheets and clothes-pin them together all the way around an air mattress (him mom sewed these sheets together). Put a fan at one end and then clothes-pin the sheets tightly around it and ta-da! An amazing Puffer Tent! It was a great evening to celebrate a great accomplishment.