Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekends with Weddings

What fun we have had attending weddings these past two weekends! The first was Jamie and Sam's. Their "rehearsal day" entailed grilling out for lunch and boating/playing beach games all day. It was really fun! It was also nice to get to know the whole bridal party in the informal setting; this made the wedding day that much more great. Below is a picture of Jamie and Sam the day before their big day!

Jamie and her matron (and my maid and I) tubing. We didn't fall off!
The bridal party (minus Dana, who was flying in later).

They were married on the 4th of July, so we all got sparklers at the end of the night. It was ammmmaazzzinnng to watch fireworks from the Wilds Golf Course in Prior Lake. We could see about 10 different sites surrounding us. It was perfect!
The bride was beautiful! Here we all are at the end of the night (we left the day pics/non-greasy-face-pics to the pro).
Katie and Andrew were married on July 11th. Another beautiful bride and overall wedding! I tell ya- having just been married, I can really appreciate all the work that the bride and groom put into a wedding! It's fun to look around and notice all the details that you might not have before. They are a lot of work but SO worth it. Katie and Andrew's wedding was outdoors at the Eau Claire Country Club. It was a gorgeous day!