Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Secret to Marital Bliss

We've been married a whopping 3 months (Ceej's response on our 3 month anniversary: "REALLY??? JUUUST 3 months?? It feels like it's been forever." haha). When an engaged friend asked for marriage advice (because I'm so experienced of course), this is what I said: If you are used to having your own bed and blankets for the past 2 decades, it might be a struggle to share for the next century (especially if you're like Ceej and swaddle yourself like a newborn infant). Our solution? Separate blankets! We have a "cover comforter" so it looks a little more appealing, but typically this is the state of our "his and hers" version of a Queen sized bed. It works for us, and it is the biggest secret to marital bliss I can think of! It's worked for us :).

Congratulations Journey Man!!

You guessed it- my super smart husband has PASSED his test and is now, officially, a Journey Man (Ceej says it more like "journeymen", but I like to emphasize the two words. It sounds super cool.). He did VERY well, so "passed" is slightly belittling. Nonetheless, I am SO proud of him!!

Maybe Next Year

It was my first year with having the desire to "garden", and lets just say it turned out to be more of a temporary hobby. Thank goodness they are all perennials! Maybe next year I'll be able to keep up with the watering a little better.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Random update of the recent happenings of the Thurners:

1. I went to Madison to help clean out our apartment and had an awesome weekend with Mia. We cleaned and organized a ton of stuff, went to the comedy club and out on State street, went to Blackhawk (my beloved church for the past 4 years), and I got to RUNNNN in Madison twice- which is definitely one of my favorite places to do so!

2. C.J. took his Journey Man's test. A biggie! We don't know the outcome yet, but we will find out at the end of this week! Note: this test has a 25% pass rate! Good luck Ceej!

3. Mickeegan and Rylan had their 6th and 1st Birthday parties, respectively. What a fun day! We ended up having a family game of baseball, too. It was a blast! Last summer my dad bought a box of 10 very old baseball gloves from my grandpa's old neighbor's house (i.e., my grandpa had most likely used them as a little guy), and now we are reaping the benefits!

4. I OFFICIALLY start the Master of Occupational Therapy program at the University of Minnesota on September 8th! What does that mean for you? More blog updates because I'll have the internet (and probably a whole lot more free time. Riiiiiiggghhhht.)!

Peace out!