Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

For Ceej's Birthday I went back to the Eau C to spend the weekend with him. We had so much fun! I decided last minute on Thursday afternoon that I couldn't function anymore without seeing him (I had been stressed, burnt out, and crabby pretty much all week), so I skipped class and went to see him then instead of waiting until Friday afternoon. After the weekend at home, I can honestly say that I feel like a different person. I was really dreading the next month (it's my last month of undergrad filled with an insane amount of exams and projects, and I have the added pressure of needing to do well for grad school), and after "recuperating" at home I have a totally different attitude. I look at this next month as a mountain to climb rather than an ocean to drown in. It's weird how seeing one person can make you feel balanced, reminding you of why you're working so hard to begin with.

Back to the weekend, on Friday night we went out for dinner at Manny's Mexican Cantina with our parents. We enjoyed margaritas, good food, and great conversation. It was nice to be able to spend time with everyone in an intimate setting. After dinner, Ceej and I went to the movie Saw V. It was very well done, but not for those of you who are ultra-sensitive. We both love scary movies, so it was right up our ally!

On Saturday night Ceej and I went out for dinner at Tokyo (a Hibachi-style Japanese restaurant) and then went to the play, "Tuesdays with Morrie." We were without a doubt the youngest couple at the play, but really liked it nonetheless. We pretended we were on our first date and asked eachother questions to "get to know" one another again. We also did the whole "I want to hold your hand but I'm afraid of making the first move" thing (i.e., we put our hands on our own knees and slowly crept them toward the other's). It's funny to remember actually doing that! After the play we went to Rolly's with Ceej's uncle Mark and his girlfriend Angie. We also met up with Andy, Mandy, and Mitch for Ceej's Birthday!

We had a lot of fun at good ol' Rolly's (the famous bar of Altoona), and we were both really glad everyone could make it out!
On Sunday was our nephew's first Birthday party (it's fun to say "our")! Alex had a lot of people at his party and seemed to have fun (he REALLY enjoyed the Jello Poke Cake)! It was so fun that the little guy got zonked out and fell asleep for a little while before opening his presents. It was quite the party!

We also took a Thurner family picture while everyone was around. I feel so blessed to be marrying into such a great family!
Actually, I'm pretty blessed in general.


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes i forget how much you like your dad CJ, hahah! Did I miss some time in there somewhere that your parents had more little ones somewhere in the middle school days? I remember her being pregnant but not a couple more times? What the heck? your sister looks so young! man its been forever since I have seen your family. You and your dad are spitting image, no wonder your mom hooked one on with him when he was younger.. ;)(thought you would enjoy me grossing you out alittle)!!
anyway, glad to hear you two had a good weekend! Enjoy many more lifetime memories together, and cherish them forever. your guys are so good for each other. CJ, always remember to treat Em like she is a queen for the queen she is- dont ever forget it; and she will continue to treat you as a king. I got lots of practice and advise, so if you ever need some, come to me :) ;)

Take care guys, hope to see you soon!!


Alicia said...

Aww emm!! reading your blogs just makes me want to kiss you i miss you so much! haha. thats so great about going home and getting that extra push of motivation. its gives me goosebumps when you said it because its just so amazing how much you love and support each other. and it looks like you had a really good time with your family. it is awesome that you get to say "our". i love you!! and just keep pushing through these last couple weeks....like 3 to go and then you're done, sweetie!!!!! xoxox

Anna and Eric said...

Hi Emily! I'm not sure if you know me, but I was a friend of CJ's (his 8th grade girlfriend, actually...ha!) I came across your blog through Heidi's. It looks like the two of you are doing great, and how wonderful to be getting married!!

Good luck with all the excitement that goes along with that, and tell your fiance I say "hi!"