Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year! Ceej and I had a great time with great friends bringing in 2009. We started the night by going out for dinner at Olive Garden with Andy, Mandy, Mitch, and Brett. We had a delicious dinner before heading back to the Schraders' for some drinks and cards. We went to some friends' annual New Year's Eve party and then ended the night at the Pickle.

It's really exciting to think about the upcoming year! It will be jam packed with wonderful things like planning weddings, applying for/maybe starting OT school, applying for and starting a "real job," beginning our marriage, a mission trip to New Orleans, going on a honeymoon, making a home with my husband (!), moving out of my mom's house, not to mention many unanticipated events! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!!

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Anonymous said...

glad to see you guys had a good night lastnight- my night ended at about 4am and not even being that intoxicated either so that was a plus. glad your xmas holiday went well too, missed you two at alumni last weekend. take care