Monday, September 28, 2009

Not such a bargain after all...

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to find a brand new hot water bottle at one of those "late-in-the-summer-rare-to-find-a-treasure" garage sales. The fact that it was about 20 years old was beside the point- it was $1! Seriously! A bargain for such a exceptional find! Last night our room was ice cold, which was probably due to the open window and fan on. Random fact: I LOVE sleeping in the cold when I am cozy under -literally- 8 blankets, but the "warming up" process can be dreadful. Last night I couldn't bare to slip in those frozen excuses for sheets, so I got the bright idea to sleep with my "new" hot water bottle (Since, remember, my hubby isn't around to spoon). Oh what a delight! I was pretty much in heaven with that warm bundle of love settled on my belly. I was smiling and thinking to myself, "gosh what a great invention this was! Poor Ceej will have to get used to sleeping with this when he gets home because I've found another life partner."

Well, let's just say that joy was short lived.

I woke up in ice cold, wet sheets! What a backfire THAT was. At first I thought someone had played a rude joke, but then remembered I was alone, and then I remembered that traitor-hot water bottle! Darn you!! Anyway I'll put it in a large Ziploc bag until I can make it to the store to pick up a replacement- it truly is an amazing companion if it doesn't leak all over you.

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adam and andrea said...

hilarious- that would totally happen to me! : )