Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Naughty Bunny, Special Date & Baptized Boy

Friday night Ceej and I decided we needed a date. It had been a while, so we got the stuffed animals a sitter and headed out on the town (kidding). We started our evening with a drink in our backyard. This turned into an event in itself, as we got entranced by a fight going on between two fat ants. Ceej tried to separate them, but it was not happening. I don't know quite why I think you will find that interesting, but it was to us. Then we headed to Tokyo (the restaurant - we're not Brangelina here) for some scrumptious dinner and were in taste-bud heaven. Then we dead over to the Aqua Lounge @ Metropolis Resort and enjoyed a glass of wine before meeting up with Brock & Stacy for some mini-golf. It was a gorgeous night & we enjoyed the time together thoroughly.

On a less happy note, we have a garden-invasion. Our little flower garden was blooming beautifully UNTIL one day I saw a little stinker bunny in there. I chased him away, but that just obviously made him mad because the next day he ate the flowers AND leaves off of two of our flowers. The next day? Two more! Jerkface! I've been doing some research and sprinkled cayenne pepper and garlic powder around it and inside (I'm sure it's convincing our neighbor that I'm an excellent chef)... but the rain washed it away so the results are inconclusive. Next step: Human urine (not saying whose - I'll leave that for your imagination). Anyway, I'll let you know what works... until then, I'll hope for his death.

Our godson, Lucas Xavier has been baptized! After the baptism we went to my in-laws for lunch. There was a ton of family there, and it was wonderful to see everyone! Lucas is a very healthy lil' guy & growing bigger by the day. He's a very special boy, and it was a very special day!

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Chelsea said...

You and your stuffed animals. Sounds like a fun date night! Get ready to walk again next week when I get back!