Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding + Independence Day + Visit from Friends + Otter Creek + 3 Month Stats

The crappy quality of some of these pictures are due to being from my mom's phone ... however, they are super cute and hence blogworthy. Last weekend we went to a friend's wedding in Rice Lake. We were not too sure how Hazel would do, but we were optimistic and it paid off. We were late to the wedding (obviously) and had to creep up to the balcony instead of walking in between members of the wedding party. This worked in our favor because we could stand with Hazel as she got squirmy. We then took the hour between the ceremony and reception to pump in the nursery instead of rush to start drinking and had to laugh at just how much life has changed (but of course in a wonderful way). It was a very fun night and beautiful wedding and Haze did wonderfully.

4th of July was so great this year. My sister, brother-in-law, and their 4 kidlets came to visit. We spent the early afternoon at the festivities in Carson Park and then hung out in our backyard playing beanbags and enjoying the beautiful day. After they headed home to Stillwater, the three of us went over to Ceej's aunt and uncles for dinner and fireworks. Well done, Altoona - you began before and ended after Eau Claire's fireworks (we could hear). Quite impressive.

One Saturday afternoon Ceej and I decided to take our honey to Otter Creek. We hiked through the woods to reach the pretty little creek and took a dip. Back in the days of dating and newlywed bliss we used to bike the path and swim. It was fun to reminisce about those sweet days and introduce Hazel to one of Altoona's little gems. She did surprisingly well and seemed to enjoy the feeling of sand in the water, despite the water being pretty darn chilly. We were slightly worried Child Protective Services would interrupt because it was so cold, but then we decided her first experience in the sand and water was worth a few days in jail. Thankfully they didn't arrive.

This is slightly out of order. I had 2 great friends visit from the cities. You know those people that are so wonderful that you don't even have to plan anything and you just have fun? That's them. We were friends and roommates from undergrad, and it always amazes me how close we are and lucky to have found one another. Truly genuine and good friendships are hard to find. We started with turkey burgers at our place and then made our way to the Livery followed by the Wigwam for karaoke, then back to the Livery. It was my first night out without Hazel or Ceej, and I was happy to be with these 2 girls (my other family).

Now for the 3 month stats: Hazel Leann Thurner is approximately 23 inches long & weighs approximately 13.5 pounds. Emphasis on "approximately" as this was not done at a hospital but rather on my 90 year old bathroom scale and paper "growth chart" on the wall. I wouldn't bet lunch on its accuracy. Anyway, she is practically out of size 1-2s and quickly fitting into size 2 diapers. She is now out of the expensive diapers with the lovable "wetness indicator" and soft fabric-like cover(Pampers) and into the more reasonable ones albeit equally effective ones (Luvs). She has 5 rolls in each arm. Her record in the stroller is 75 minutes. She has giggled exactly one time, on my Birthday (more on that day at a later post). Overall likes tummy time & sometimes gets mad enough that I think she's about to roll over ... but then I cave and pick her up. Has slept an 8 hour stretch, but last night decided to wake up at 2, 3, 4, and finally up for the day at 5. Now, at 6:45, after mommy has had her caffeine and is wide awake, she is sleeping blissfully on my arm. Not impressed, Haze. She loves touching her hair when she's nursing or sleeping. Likes her pacifier, but it pops out a lot still (we're working on those oral motor skills). She is happy, and so are we. I just love her so much.

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