Monday, October 24, 2011

2 months later ...

Hi Friends! The past 2 months have flown by - and here we are again, updating about a million things. Hopefully I won't forget anything!

Let's start with the 6 (actually 6.75) month update: At 6.75 months, my little honey girl...
... splashes in the tub like it's nobody business, but she's dead serious when she's doing it.
... plays with her toys in tub.
... says "dadadadadada" all the time generalized, so not technically a "first word" yet. Just began "lalalalalala" and "papapapapapa".
... drinks from a sippy cup with 50% accuracy.
... likes drinking water and 50/50 juicewater.
... can bring her bottle to her mouth, but doesn't lift it up high enough when seated upright. She can drink from her own bottle when tilted back
... attempts to eat cheerios! She puts them in her mouth, but pushes them back out.
... "eats" baby food, but she's not a huge fan yet. I'll probably be nursing her until she goes off to college.
... sits up very well.
... no longer has a constant mohawk, simply because the poor honey has lost so much hair they can't stick straight up. The long hair on top of her head still sticks up in a random pattern/puff on most days.
... can roll from back to front and from sitting to on her belly.
... gets annoyed fast at tummy time.
... loves her thick wooden puzzles, soft dolls and princess toys, fridge magnets, and rattles she can hold and shake herself. Also loves her tupperware with cheerios in it - who knew that would be so fun?
... is a mommy's girl but loves being with her daddy too!
... is starting to get some stranger anxiety with adults, but LOVES other kids!
... has an advanced grasp - the fine pincer on occasion, and inferior pincer more consistently.
... has 1 little 1/2 tooth so far - and that was a beast coming in. I'm thinking we'll stop at that.
... has had her first kiss!! A little boy at church walked up to her sitting on the floor, knelt down, grabbed her face, and kissed her on the mouth. She was all smiles and in 7th heaven.

Other things we've been up to is going to my beautiful cousin's wedding! We had a great time in Pewaukee and stayed at the hotel two nights for a mini vacation. It was a wonderful weekend and so wonderful seeing family that we rarely see as well! Isn't just fun to be all dressed up?

My good friend Megan is expecting her first baby! Yippy! I'm so excited, although it's such a bummer she lives in Colorado. Here are 3 friends with their 3 little friends ... obviously Hazel is over getting her picture taken.

Here's a classic picture of Hazel with another baby (her boyfriend, Landon): She loves him. She reaches toward him and tries to hug and kiss him. She's all smiles and thinks he's just the coolest thing ever. Landon, on the other hand, is not as convinced of her amazingness.

Hazel, my mom, and I had a little girls' day last Friday. We went to the apple orchard and corn maze, the dollar store, out to lunch at Obsession Chocolates, and the Children's Museum. It was a very fun day!

FINALLY - sorry these posts get long when it's been 2 months - we had her 6 month pictures the other day by Forever Photography. Here's a little sneak peak! We are very happy with them:

Have a great week everyone!

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