Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surprise, surprise - 10 months post

Apparently I only post these monthly updates. Poor you - must be a snooze to read. However, I know I will enjoy looking back at how my sweet girl has changed over the months, so here we go:
At 10 months old, Hazel Leann:
-Waves bye bye
-Calls everything dadadada or dada or da. Even mama. Sweet. Girlfriend, I did NOT give birth to you naturally and nurse you for 10 months and counting to be called "dada". This stops now.
-Loves sledding, playing with her baby doll, the toilet, magnets, eating tortillas, getting scared by her parents, playing peek a boo, crinkly toys, plastic bags, ripping paper and eating it, ripping napkins and eating them, snuggling, playing in daddy's closet, family dance parties, going for walks, playing at the mall, eating big girl food.
-Claps, clasps her hands after we pray (timing isn't her strong suit), waves both arms to cheer, signs all done after eating. The last one might be a wave, but she also won't eat any more after she does it - so that's a sign to us.
-Practically runs up the stairs. The girl is fast.

She's just the delight of our lives, if you can't tell.

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Rob and Andrea said...

Love your monthly updates, Emily! It's amazing how quickly you forget those little milestones! Maya called everything Dada for the longest time too and it drove me absolutely crazy!! However, now I am "mommy" and it is wonderful! Definitely worth the wait!! P.S. Little Hazel is just adorable and so very happy!