Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As per usual, 14 Month update

I really should get more creative with my titles. Nonetheless, here is the 14 month update on little Hazey:
*She's been cruising all around these days - walking, running, falling; usually in that order.
*Can make the following animal sounds: moo, baa, meowmeowmeowmeow, something like ruffrufffffff.
*Is eating real food more consistently - turns out that trying to feed her real food after nursing her was not too appetizing. Who knew people don't eat when they're not hungry?
*Gets at least one bump or pinch daily. Welcome to toddler-ville.
*Loves her swing, the slide, playing outside, putting things in and out of containers, putting anything with a handle around her arm and carrying it around.
*Has begun potty training. And by "potty training" I mean that we have a little potty sitting in our bathroom. It is currently being used to put in/pull out washcloths repeatedly by Hazel when I get ready for work. On one occasion I had her sit on it before bath. She looked at me like I was nuts. Not quite at that stage I guess (much to my dismay). We'll start that when she shows more interest. Until then, it sits as a shrine.
*Says "hi" to everyone like it's her job. She also waves and blows kisses usually on command. This is adorable and always makes me feel like a superb mom. However, when I tell her to do it and she stares blankly, I feel quite dumb. It's a tradeoff. 

Below is a picture of Haze swinging at the drive in. We had a nice date there - how fun to play as a family and then the little one konks out right before the movie start. Genius!

 Random picture below: I walked into Haze's room this morning as she was just "hanging" out waiting for me.
 We spent the weekend at our family cabin in Balsam Lake and had a ball! It was so gorgeous and peaceful, as per usual. However, a 14 month old is not the ideal age for this. I must admit that it was exhausting being on the poor girl constantly while outside ... we're all enjoying the safety of our own yard with more freedom to roam again. It was well worth the efforts for special family time and memories at the cabin. Looking forward to next year already! Maybe I'll even be pregnant with our second baby?? I hope so!

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