Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Becker's Shower

This weekend my mom and I went to Hartford, Wisconsin for my cousin's baby shower. It was a lovely one! The shower was held at a great little coffee shop called Perc Place. Lindsay and Shane, the new parents, have been married for three years and are so excited about the arrival of their first little one. They'll be amazing parents!!
It was fun to spend time with my family this weekend! My maternal grandparents and aunts and uncles all live in Hartford, so I really don't get to see them very often.
I'm not a big cake-lover, but this one was to die for! Have you ever had a banana cake?! A M A Z I N G.
My mom and I stayed with my grandparents on Saturday night. Sunday morning, as I plopped down for breakfast about 3 minutes after rolling out of bed, my gramps (half) jokingly said, "Boy, you sure look rough in the mornings. Better shape up or you'll drive your husband away!" He's so adorable! Both of my grandparents are absolutely wonderful. I just love them so much!


Anonymous said...

hope to see ya at spin on thursday morning... Ill be there. tell Ceej to come too, hed probably get a good workout as well ;)
see ya hun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Em,

I couldnt remember if I told you Id be there at 8 this morning and i hope I didnt because I wasent there. I was busy today so couldnt go, but next saturday I will be there if you wanna come..8:00 if you can make it...let me know, Ill sign us up ahead of time..

Anonymous said...

LOL...Im weird and just had to check out a couple people on your blog list... such as M-Squared and Family.. who is this? they are a super cute couple and really hilarious to read their blog.. that picture of the dog in the baby front carrier is HILARIOUS..that dog looks so mad at them.. and the picture of the dog smelling her belly is so cute.....
I love it who ever it is..very cute blog updates...they sound like a awesome couple..