Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

This year we celebrate Valentine's day pretty low key. I had copied down a recipe for Mexican Lasagna, intending to make it for him, but I was trying to finish up my application to the occupational therapy program at the University of Minnesota (which, but the way, I did!), so he ended up cooking it for me. It turned out great! I've been feeling so domestic lately, copying down different recipes that will suit both of our tastes. This one was definitely a keeper! After our yummy dinner we watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice online, played scrabble, and then met my mom and step-dad out for a few games of pool and drinks at Rolly's. It was a nice mix of events. Ceej was bummed because he wasn't doing well at pool as he is highly competetive. I was surprisingly doing great, which is typically not the case. Anyway, it was a fun, relaxing evening. It's really exciting to think about the next 50 Valentine's days and how they'll differ. I can't wait to spend them with this guy!

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Chelsea Barnes said...

Mexican lasagna sounds DELISH!!! You should send me the recipe. ORRRR post it as a comment on my mom's blog. She would looove that.

We should chat soon!! Loved the blog update!