Monday, May 4, 2009

My Bachelorette Party!

I had such a great time at my bachelorette party! Jamie and Dana planned it, and it began at Jamie's house in Bloomington. These pictures will tell the story of my very special night!

After meeting at Jamie's house for munchies and games we all went to Victoria's Secret in Mall of America. People pooled money together for me to get some really nice gifts there, and I had fun modeling different looks for them! The pictures are below (just kidding).

From Vikki's we went to have a shot a Hooters, and then we caught the metro to downtown Minneapolis. Throughout the night I had a spinner with different "dares" in it, and I completed them all! Some of the dares were altered a bit, which I got a kick out of. For example, instead of "Kiss the bartender" Jamie and Dana had written in "kiss the bartender on the hand," and instead of "Show your bra" they wrote in "show your boa." One of the dares on the train was to walk down the middle and yelled "I'm getting married!"
From there we went to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Although Chel really does love bunnies (and all animals, actually), she isn't just wearing those bunny ears for kicks. Every time someone said my name or Ceej's name they had to wear them! These ears definitely got passed throughout the entire group numerous times!After dinner we went to a few different bars and clubs for drinks and lots of dancing!
At one point we went to the Shout House, a really fun club where the piano players sing silly songs about people in the audience. Although the girls had prearranged this, I was shocked to be called on stage! I sat on the piano as the guys sang silly songs to me about marriage and being a bride. It was awesome!
After bar close we all went to Sex World, where I had to get a picture on top of the giant... you-know-what. We got a taxi home, ate yummy food, and then headed to bed. What a perfect night! Thanks for everything, Jaim and Danasaur!

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Anonymous said...

yeahhh congrats hun. I just got your reception invite, I will have to see what we have planned, but would love to come. I will talk to my hubby and see, hope to see you there. Have fun hun! enjoy having the day be all about you ;)