Thursday, May 21, 2009

Queen Bee

Like most brides-to-be, I co-planned my maid-of-honor's bachelorette party 8 days before my wedding. It was so fun to be back in Madison and spending time with my girls! Here is a little picture story of Jamie's night as "Queen Bee."
We started the evening with gifts, appetizers, and wine at our apartment. Jamie's excited about her new lovelies! Below is a picture of one of the games we played. It was hilarious and actually more difficult than one would think! We had 3 teams and one partner had the broom and the other had the toilet paper between their legs, racing to get 3 rolls on. Below Mia and I are the winners!

We then walked downtown in our black and yellow attire, stopping for a few pictures along the way.

...and a shot at Wando's.Next stop was for dinner at the Great Dane. Below is Jamie's "Blow Job complimentary bachelorette shot" that we had to pay for (it didn't make sense to us, either). Jamie couldn't get her mouth around the glass, but it was so funny to watch her try, poor thing.
We walked around capital square to try different places for drinks, continuing a game of Truth or Dare and "pass the Bee wings to whoever says Jamie's name." Below is our LAST roomie picture... sad! Luckily I'll be getting another super cool roommate in 2 days.
We ended up going to Brocah's and LOVING it there! We had awesome shots and desserts, and spent part of the evening in this little lounge area. We played games and laughed a lot! The bartenders were great, too, and they showed us how to do the inch worm and played games with us, even wearing the wings!
Jamie is getting married on July 4th, and here are her bridesmaids (besides her sister, who couldn't make it to the party):
Next stop was the Ivory Room, a piano bar off of State Street. The singer serenaded Jamie very awkwardly, but she sang great and it was a very fun place to be! After the Ivory Room we went to Karaoke Kid and sang Sugarland "Settling". Such a fun way to end a night with great friends!


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hope you had a wonderful wedding day, sorry I was unable to make it due to house projects are in desperate need of getting done, but I thought about you alot during the day and know you were such a beautiful bride as I seen in some of the facebook pictures. Cant wait to see your post from your wedding and honeymoon. congrats MRS. Emily and CJ THURNER!!

Anonymous said...

seriously em, update I wanna see more wedding photos!!