Monday, October 5, 2009

We're Moving to Sweden!

Okay, not really. But I am definitely tempted, as will you be. This entry is dedicated to all of my blog-stalkers who are/ever will be parents: YOU need to move to Sweden. No joke. I was writing a comparative analysis on institutions in Sweden and their affect on how people interact with one another and participate in occupations within the institutions (which include religion, politics, family, education, economy, etc.) when I came across the following websites:

So, here's the deal: In order to increase the amount of people having babies, the government pay parents about $1000! Just for havin' babes. I can't believe it. AND, the most amazing thing, when babies are born parents are allowed 6 weeks off, oh wait that's the U.S., FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY DAYS OFF OF WORK. What!? AND 390 of those days you get PAID 80% of your working income. HOLY CRAP. Peace out, Wisco. I'm movin' to Sweden.

So I don't get sued or anything, references are below (we don't want to mess with plagerism).

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