Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, what can I even say to that? The above was an answer to a journal question written by a little girl that I work with. I couldn't resist to post it, especially because my life is consumed by school lately, and I frankly just don't have much to share.

On that note, I actually did think I had superpowers at one point. I randomly thought of the following life-altering memory tonight and thought I'd share. I was just a little girl playing "Barbies in the Bathtub" (that was the title, not just the activity), lying on my belly in the tub. My mouth was underwater, my nose was above. We had a pool, so I knew that I was not supposed to be able to breathe underwater (I actually remember analyzing the situation in this way). My nose was above the water, so I was obviously breathing out of it... but I didn't realize it at the time. I remember thinking, "Wow... I can actually breathe underwater! I wonder if it'll work with my nose under, too." Well, I tried it, and let's just say it didn't. I guess I'm human after all.


Anonymous said...

hahah thats a cute little story Em! your so funny with your posts..Hey Im doing spinning on saturday morning at 830 if u'd like to join. give me a call 864-1648

Chelsea said...

aww kiddos- gotta love 'em :)

sometimes kids will say that to me and I'm like "Really? I yell at you every single day." whatever makes em happy I guess haha