Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our First Christmas Tree

Oh happy day! Ceej and I have our very own Christmas tree. This may not seem that amazing, but let me tell you: I have looked forward to this moment for the past 8 years. No joke. Since Ceej and I started dating we've given one another an ornament every year. A couple of years ago we also decided to get an ornament as a souvenir from every vacation. It was so great (and emotional!) to get out all of our stored away ornaments and reminisce. The one below is actually the first plastic ornament that Ceej ever gave me, and inside is a small flower he picked for me as we were walking up the mountain on our very first date!


Chelsea said...

cute!!!! I love that you have ornaments from throughout your relationship- how neat!!!

adam and andrea said...

adorable!!! great tree too! I love the ornament idea!