Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jammin' in Jamaica

Rats! I definitely intended to write more about our vacay in Jamaica, but you'll have to settle for the brief version because I have a module (like an online class with an additional 60 text book pages to read) due at midnight. First off, we LOVED it. It was an amazing time to spend together with (gasp!) no phones/TV/homework/distractions. Here is the view we saw outside our balcony each morning:

Don't get me wrong, this little all-inclusive-resort was by NO means a 5 star place... we realized this upon arriving as we had to hold the elevator button down until it reach our floor, which it falsely declared as the 4th (it was the 6th). Then, we found a little cockroach in the bathroom. No problem, mon! We were looking for a fun-filled vacation to be TOGETHER, experience a new country, and lounge on the beach/poolside for far too many hours soaking up enough sun so I wouldn't feel deprived this summer; that, my friends, is EXACTLY what we got.

Here is a general synopsis of our wonderful schedule: Wake up around 8:30, get in our suits & put on sunscreen, go to the yummy buffet, go sit poolside for a couple hours, participate in Aquacise (a 30 minute pool exercise program put on by one of the fun workers - way too entertaining), reapply sunscreen, lay by or swim around in the pool again, play in the warm ocean, decline about 5 offers to purchase paraphernalia and hair braiding, go have lunch & reapply sunscreen, go back to the ocean and/or pool to lay, go in the ocean and/or pool to swim and play, maybe ride on the fast sailboat or kayak, go lay down again, go back to our room and load on aloe to our sunburned bods, shower & get dressed up, go to one of the fancy restaurants for dinner (steak, shrimp, pasta, the works), have a couple drinks while watching the reggae band play, attend whatever activity was put on by the place (e.g., dancing, beach party, circus show, magician, & karaoke, to name a few).

Oh, MAN, I wish I was back there! Although I have been dreaming about it every night, so that's the next best thing. Our resort was very laid back and "more liberal than Sandals", according to one of the workers (whom we also declined paraphernalia from). The people that worked there were SO fun and outgoing and excellent dancers. Example: We were playing a game with some and I commented on their amazing dance skills... so they break out in a dance to whatever was playing... then literally start a "dance party" where even the lifeguards came to the area and started dancing to the music (which was always playing). This went on for about a half an hour and looked like a planned or choreographed event. Ahhhh the memories...

Our flight back included a 9 hour layover in Miami, so we checked our luggage and took a bus to "Miracle Mile" (a shopping/downtown area). We were QUITE tired, so we took an hour rest in a random (but nice) park. It was a beautiful day! After the delayed flight and drive home, we finally got in bed around 2 in the morning - a whopping 22 hour day of traveling. The only thing I would change about our time in Jamaica would be to extend it... it was glorious.

Now, sadly, I'm back in school. BARF. I was in tears today because I just want to hang out with my hubby and NOT be stuck in a room layered with too many fatty books entitled such things as "The Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain" and "A Function-Based Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation" listening to reggae music (true story - I'm slightly obsessed). Welcome to summer.

Note: Clearly I am not in the "school groove" yet, as this was not a short posting.

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Ledebuhr Family said...

Hey Em...what a fun trip! We went for a walk around the neighborhood the other day and I tried to decide which place on Glades is luck! Just dropping by to let you know we've changed our blog address to:

Good luck with finals and all that comes with it...the reward is great!