Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, clearly I have been on break from school because I have yet to find a need to blog (AKA procrastinate). With a little trip to Jamaica right around the corner (3 days!!), I thought this was necessary. Finals week was a success (and by success, I mean I passed). Friday night I got wasted to celebrate a s t r e s s f u l week. Actually, I drove home, ate dinner, went for a 20 minute bike ride with my hubby, spent 2-3 hours grocery shopping, watched a movie from the Redbox, and played SkipBo. It was a glorious. I spent the week in Rochester and left poor Ceej with a near-empty fridge & freezer. It was bad. Poor guy ate chips and ground beef for dinner one night because we were out of cheese, salsa, and taco sauce... among many, many things... so he was slightly malnourished.

On Saturday I slept in for a total of 11.5 hours, and I did not feel guilty about it in the slightest. We relaxed all day and that night went out with George, Quinn, Mitch, and Laura to a comedy show, birthday party, & rolly's. George and I also went downtown for a bit before rolly's to break up the night and visit his boss/boss' friends. Overall it was a BLAST and completely stress-free. It was great to not be thinking about all the homework I had yet to do. We also ran into Brandon Jacobs et al (some Gaint's players) at Ramada Inn and spent the night throwing footballs with them (Note: the latter part of that sentence is slightly false).

One random night, Ceej and I decided to bring a little beer & wine to a spot he found fishing on the water for an adventure. We strapped the cooler to the bike because we had taken off my super sweet basket for a long ride a couple of weeks ago (mistake), and then we threw our chairs on our backs. We sat by the water relaxing for a couple of hours. Success!

I also did 24 hours of fieldwork at a hands clinic and loved it! Yes, the girl who literally failed the Kinesiology exam on hands. I'm always up for a pleasant surprise. I am currently registered for next semester's classes and just ordered all of my books off of eBay. I feel (almost) too productive right now.

Tonight is my sister-in-law, Rebekkah's, 9th Birthday party!! I can't believe she's grown so much. When Ceej and I started dating she was one year old! She was such a sweet baby and only slightly afraid of me. She would never say good-bye to me, no matter how much we tried (and we did). But now she likes me and hugs me good-bye. Ahh... the difference time makes.


Anonymous said...

joy12plaEm your too cute. I love you and Ceej's little adventures.
Hey I wanted to ask you, since we sold our house we are in limbo with buying and need to rent. can I ask you who you rent from and if its someone that maybe owns other places that I can check about..can I get your landlord number?

Anonymous said...

hey hun,
I got your message thanks for getting back. we are actually deciding to live with chris's parents up in CF for the summer, hoping to find a house before the end of the summer. if we dont find anything then we will look to rent at the end of the summer so that number might come in handy then, Ill let ya know! thanks again!

Rob and Andrea said...

Thanks Emily!! I will post pics as soon as we get our computer up and running. We're currently in the process of changing the office into the nursery!! :) I love following your blog too!!