Sunday, August 29, 2010

Second Week of Heaven

So just finished my second week of break - ahh the wonderfulness. I continued the relaxing, working, walking, over all thoroughly enjoying myself. Also, went golfing with Jess Hong, shampooed all of our carpets, and washed both of our cars (all this in one day. I woke up the next feeling like I'd been hit by a bus.). We went to the last live music in Phoenix Park for the summer with Mandrew (Mandy + Andrew), and I'm slightly devastated that it'll be gone until next summer. It's my favorite thing.

We also spent a weekend in Stillwater and a weekend in Hartford. First, Stillwater to visit my family! I love them. We had our classic family breakfast and then Ceej left for Brock's Bachelor party in the cities. Dad and I walked downtown, watched my sister Jenni's impressive building of a mini-version of her house for my niece, Elliana (a custom playhouse), and went to a car show in Hastings with Jamie & Tyler + 4 :). Oh my how those beautiful nieces & nephews of mine are growing! On Sunday dad and I walked downtown again, I went for a run, and then my ex-roomies came to Stillwater to visit (and, by the way, it still breaks my heart to include the "ex-", even though it's been a year and a half). Ceej came through as well, and Dana's boyfriend, Matt joined us for a big ol' family fun-filled time! The 5 of us went to lunch on the water, walked around downtown (obviously a trend), and got whopping ice cream cones at Nelson's. It was greeeaatt to see my family and then my psuedo-family closest girlfriends. WHY I have zero pictures from this experience is beyond me - as soon as someone else posts some on Facebook I'll steal them and put them here.

The following weekend Ceej and I went to Hartford, Wisconsin to visit my grandparents & aunts & uncles & cousins - it was quite fabulous as well. We woke up and Saturday and Gram took Ceej and I out for breakfast at Perc Place. Yummo! Came back and had visitors - my mom came from Eau Claire, my auntie Krista, my cousin Lindsay & her 16 month old son, Emmitt, and my cousin Katie and her 6 month old daughter, Ella. A fun, full house! We relaxed and talked and then had a scrumptious feast, as per Gram's usual. Ceej fished a ton (I don't blame him - there was a whole lot of estrogen going on). It was wonderful to see everyone - we hadn't even met Ella yet because we hadn't been to Hartford since Thanksgiving! Dang school makes the 4 hour drive an unrealistic destination for a typical weekend. Anyway, it was so great to see them. I love that my entire family - on all sides - has such a close relationship, but it makes me so sad that I can't be with all of them all the time. Just have to do the best we can in terms of visiting, and most importantly be thankful for the relationships and wonderful people that we have in our lives - both near and far!

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