Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Weeks of Bliss

I'm finally on my between-semesters break, a 3-week-long glimpse of Heaven. So far, in the past week I've been working, relaxing, walking, running, napping, catching up on paper work/book ordering/class registering, working on my research, embracing the good ol' Oakwood Mall with 99% of Eau Claire's middle school population, and took a little weekend trip to Duluth with my mom, brother, and Ceej-meister. It was my first weekend of freedom after finals, so the relaxation and excuse to not do anything productive was excellent. We walked around a lot and hiked and ate. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, right on the water in Canal Park.

How did finals go, you ask? Well, I had 4 and did excellent on one and horrible on 3. The one I did excellent on was - no lie - a surprise group test. Kind of like a dream come true to go into an exam and have the professor say to pick your group. Apparently I wasn't the only one who did awful (and by awful, I mean failed - we're not being modest here.), because there was plenty of bonus questions to allow me to pass my classes. On to the last semester of school - I can't even believe how fast it's gone. I will actually graduate this December, have 6 months of fieldwork, take the boards, and be an occupational therapist. Wootwoot! Until then, I'm stuffing my face with highly buttered popcorn and watching the Bad Girls Club - professional, right?

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Chelsea said...

HA- nothing like trashy tv to make life great :) SO glad you are on break!! I want to hear how Monday goes!!