Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Treasures

I just got back from a few days in Rochester for school, doing anything but being productive. I decided to go through one dusty box from my childhood that's been gracing our garage for the past months. WHAT a treat, folks. I felt it was worth sharing.

First, the above picture is a license plate that I bought as a kid from Mall of America. I remember thinking "I'm totally gonna put this on the front of my car instead of a license plate when I turn 16." Good thing I forgot about that little aspiration.

Next, the picture above is of my "wall hanging box of treasures". These were like, the cream of the crop - my most special things. First - take a look at the whole - truly a treasure in itself. Next, I'll break it up for you.

The above includes my homemade whale tail, broken, yet still worthy of the treasure box. Then a few clay dogs and a skunk (I guess I used to like animals - I'm over that now). Clay cookies, a random crib, a Canadian 50 cent piece, a toy car.

Next, a wooden bunny that I colored, a girl made out of a clothes pin, a "1" girl that I probably got for my 1st Birthday & never got any other age in subsequent years, another large coin, a small troll, fake gold, a plastic donkey with a hat, a tiny plastic ornament, and a necklace charm of a girl kissing a boy my mom brought back from Mexico.

And finally, the last two items: a tiny dice next to a tiny dice that I made, and a bear that says "God is Love" - which is also a functioning pencil sharpener. Ah - the joys of childhood.

All I know is that if our child turns out kind of weird, s/he definitely got it from me.


adam and andrea said...

Hilarious! You know it's not too late to put that license plate on your car. : ) Hope you're feeling great mama!

The Boeckmann's said...

I love your treasures...I have a few of them myself tucked away in the basement. I just saw the comment you made August 7, oh you know over a month ago! It was nice to see you too! Love that store, but you have to wait until stuff goes on sale! It can be pretty pricey! Hope you are feeling good! Can't wait for you to enter this crazy life of being a mom! It is such a blessing!!