Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trachsel Wedding

Ceej and I had the pleasure of attending Brock & Stacy Trachsel's wedding reception last night. It was great! My friend, Nikki, from my OT program came along as my brother's date. They're "texting friends" right now... and she hated me introducing her in that way to people at the wedding... but whatever. I stay with her and another student once or twice per week when I go to Rochester. My class is small - there's 17 of us in Rochester - so we've gotten pretty close over the past year. She came over to my house before the reception so we could get ready together like in the old days (I had 6 roommates at one point. I miss getting ready with girls.). The bride and groom looked wondeful and happy! It was a fun night and so great to see good friends and family :).

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