Sunday, February 13, 2011

34 weeks - a Shower and Valentines' Day Celebration

Last weekend I had my second baby shower with my aunts, cousins, and grandparents from Hartford. I hadn't been there in a while, so it was great to see everyone and just be there! I have always loved going to visit, and it never happens enough. My grandparents are the best ever - I could not ask for a more sweet set! The shower was perfect - we had a yummy lunch, fun games, and very nice gifts. I was quite spoiled. It was especially fun that most of my family stuck around all afternoon until the evening, so we got to catch up thoroughly. The 4 hour drive got pretty long and my back was quite achy by the end, but it was well worth it. Next trip down will probably not be until June for my cousin's bridal shower, so lots of changes until then! Unfortunately my designated photographer forgot that I told her "half way down to focus, all the way down to take the picture," so the pictures did not turn out. Bummer! Below is a picture of the blanket that my gram knit for us. It has baby footprints knit right into the pattern on each square. She also knit a sweet little sweater and hat. The girl's got skills.

Ceej and I celebrated Valentines' day last night. We went to Fanny Hill for the dinner theater combination. Thank goodness we like each other and have fun together, because we were not impressed with the dinner or the show. In fact, we left at the intermission. It was 9 o'clock, and if we're going to stay up much past that, it's got to be good. We had a very fun night together, and spent a lot of time talking about all of our past Valentine's days (there's been TEN!). Oh how times have changed over the years ... from our very first spent eating dinner with his parents, the next one with no contact, the next one where I was in Australia, there were 4 in Madison where I was either home or he came to visit, our first married spent at Metropolis overnight and at a comedy show - I tell ya folks, it's been a wild and wonderful ride. It's fun to think that we'll always remember this year as our last one without kids, and it's so fun to think how this day will be spent in future years. I really could not have asked for a better Valentine/husband/life.

Pregnancy at 34 weeks feels great. I love love love feeling baby move and jump and poke and prod. I can now tell whether it's rolling or kicking or punching, what position he/she is in (especially when those hiccups are going, still at least once a day), and whether he/she is happy or sad. Okay, that last part is false. Baby is awake a lot during the day and only occasionally wakes up in the night when I get up to use the bathroom (which is on the DOT every 2 hours). At the moment I have a little booty poking by my right rib. I'm still working out and working fulling time at my internship. It's going great - exhausting, but good! I now have 10 kiddos on my caseload, and I continue to learn a lot daily from my supervisors. So all in all, life is going so well. We have been so blessed in all aspects and continue to just thank God for all he's done. Another side note, I have reached the point where I can no longer paint my own toenails due to belly engorgement. Thank goodness I have a sweet husband (and hence, cute painted toes!).

Side note: last night I had a dream that I was feeling baby's hand and could actually feel it's little fingers. Then I was chatting with friends from high school (CHELSEA BARNES TUNE IN) and had them feel it. All of a sudden, THE BABY'S HAND POKED OUT OF MY STOMACH. Full on, old cemetery movie style. Then the whole body slid out of the little hole. It's feet were green and webbed (alien baby?). Right away Chel said "let's go to the hospital - I'll drive you," and Ceej met us there. Good thinking, Chel. Well the doctors were doing a bunch of measurements and tests to determine if they should put it back in the hole or leave it out, and it was determined to leave it out. It was a girl with a full head of hair, and she weighed 2 pounds, 7 ounces. That was weird.


adam and andrea said...

You look great - and you're getting so close!! Love the pregnancy dream - it's amazing the things your imagination comes up with during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

LOL oh too funny! I actually dreamt when I was pregnant that I could look down into my stomach and see the baby, weird feeling!
You look so great, good for you. Glad are some out in this world that actually love pregnancy, maybe my next one will be better..take care and you look great keep it up, labor will be a breeze while you work out!

The Boeckmann's said...

You do look wonderful and I am glad that you feel great! I second the other two! I had crazy dreams when I was pregnant too. Numerous times my baby came out of my belly instead of where it is "supposed to". Arm here, leg was very strange. Now, onto Heidi's comment that if you keep working out labor will be a breeze...maybe that is true. However I just want to warn you that it is your first baby and it might just really suck. It was horrible, way worse than I imagined. I am just telling you this, because I would want someone else to tell me. So, while I am not looking forward to going through that pain anytime soon...I will do it again because you get this tiny miracle of a baby. And it is more than worth it. Take this all with a grain of salt however, I was in labor for 55 hours and most people do not labor for that long...So, now that I am done scaring you to death! I would rather scare you and have you come back on here and say, "It wasn't as bad as I thought"...then to have you not prepared! And the working out will make it better! I am full of wisdom today! I hope you don't now hate me! You will be great!

Ceej and Em said...

Thanks ladies! And Jenna, I'm a blunt person, so I appreciate brutal honesty, and I'm in no way thinking this will be a breeze! In fact, I'm scared to death of the whole process. So don't worry, you haven't scared me any more than I've already scared myself. I suppose I'll still go through with it though :).

The Boeckmann's said...

Yes you will! And as soon as you lock eyes with your son/daughter for the first time, you will realize in an instant why we all go through that pain. It is amazing!