Sunday, January 30, 2011

32 Weeks

Here we are - 32 weeks along! I can't believe how fast it's going. I mean, one MONTH from today they would not stop labor if I went in. YIKES! I'm still at the "nervous and feeling good, so I'm not rushing this child out anytime soon if I can help it" phase. Thankfully, I have zero complaints about being pregnant - I've been so blessed to be healthy and comfortable throughout. Obviously I don't feel normal and there's always "something" new or different or even "less than optimal", but I've been overall very comfortable and even sleeping well with my 3-5 (last night 10) pee breaks.

What's new: As of lately I've started contracting during workouts. I'm actually doing a little experiment to test the waters, so to speak. I worked out 3/5 days of the week after working all day (I do walk and stand a lot during work) and then walked 30-70 minutes. I contracted during all of these, but I didn't realize they were contractions because it was just a constant "very tight tummy" and I forgot to pay attention to when it loosened back up (pregnancy brain, anyone?). My midwife confirmed it was indeed me contracting. Anyway, I skipped working out on Friday after the 3 days of contracting during workouts and then walked Saturday and Sunday for 45 minutes and felt fine. So at least I know I'm not out of the loop forever - I just have to be aware and have Ceej home when I go out walking (because, yes - my belly was so tight and uncomfortable on the third day that I squatted by Altoona Family Restaurant and had the dear boy come pick me up).

Fieldwork is going great - I love it! It is quite exhausting, which I don't really know if it's the learning all day in the professional setting OR being 2 months from birthing a human. All I know is that 2 nights last week I went to bed by 8pm and actually felt rested the next day. Either way, I'm tired. A lot.

In other events, Ceej and I had a very nice weekend! Friday we did nothing but relax and watch a movie. He made ravioli with sauteed shrimp and marinara for dinner and we went to bed early - sleeping for 11 hours (ahhh so wonderful). Saturday we went for a walk and I went grocery/stuff shopping. That night we went out for dinner with friends/sibling and out afterward. Sunday was church, a pancake breakfast at church, walking, dinner, and playing Scrabble. Hope you all were able to relax and enjoy the nice weather as well! Sunshine and non-bitter cold works for me.

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