Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spooky Season!

Oh, how I love Halloween! If Christmas wasn't about Jesus' birth, Halloween would definitely be my favorite. Jesus always wins, so Christmas wins, too. Anyway, Ceej and I had an especially Halloween-y weekend. We carved pumpkins and went to a haunted house! It was wonderful. I may look super tough, but boy let me tell you, I was a screamer. For. sure. The haunted house here is ridiculously scary, and I love it that way! We still have to make it to an apple orchard. Then our traditions will be complete!

HELP! We need to figure out costumes!! Any suggestions?? We're spending Friday night in Madison and then heading to Stillwater for my dad's big Halloween bash! It will be so great; I'm just bursting with joy!


Marissa said...

I saw someone on the today show last year that was a photo strip. She had three picture frames. The top and bottom ones had pictures of the person and the middle was their actual face. It was adorable!

Heidi Kline said...


Heidi Kline said...

hey Em,

I actually work at 6:00 am everyday so wont make it in. I havent actually been in the gym since i found out I was pregnant due to the fact I have not been feelig good at all, but as long as this good streak lasts this weekend, saturday I plan to be back in there to start off easy again and work back up. Are you going to be around. give me a call 864-1648..