Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not as Sad as I Should be

I posted my wedding dress on eBay because, well, that's where I bought it from. The thought of "losing" my dress was not really a big deal to me. I thought that we would have enough memories in photographs, and we could make more memories with the money from it (like take a vacation, go on a Mission Trip, etc.). Besides, I was NOT going to be one of those brides that says, "my daughter will probably wear it one day." Let's just be honest- that never ends up happening. Anyway, my dress sold and I was still feeling fine. I wore it around the house a few times and shipped it out with only a bit of sadness in my heart. Well, turns out it had a super teeny hole that I didn't even notice, and the buyer decided to send it back to me (after dry cleaning it, which was a HUGE perk). So there it is, hanging in the closet again (except clean this time), and I keep peaking over at it. I love that dress. And even though my future daughter won't be wearing it down the aisle, I can definitely picture her prancing around the house in it someday. I bet we'll take turns doing so :).


Elise said...

I actually really love your dress, and I just went through your blog posts to find more information on it! I'm looking everywhere for an off-the-shoulder neckline like yours. Do you know what brand or style the dress was?
Thank you!

Ceej and Em said...

Thank you! It is a Jenny Lee. I'm not sure the style number as I actually bought it off of eBay! Good luck on the dress hunt!