Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Roller Coaster

This past week was full of positive and negative events. A whirlwind of emotion, if you will. In other words, there were tears shed. Let's recap:

I was sicker than a dog on Saturday with the G.I. flu (not pretty- believe me), so I was practically passed out on the couch all day and night, in between trips to the bathroom. Thankfully, because Ceej had gone snowboarding before the drama started, my mom came over and spent the day with me. Candles. Lifetime movies. Face wiped with a damp cloth after vomiting. Toenails painted. There is hope here.

Because I was ridiculously ill on Saturday, the day that I had planned to complete a bunch of assignments due Sunday in order to spend the day with my Valentine, I actually had to do them on Sunday. Sadly, our first valentine's day was cut short. Not that I'm all about worshiping February 14th, but I was so looking forward to a day dedicated to my lover. We were able to go to church and pancake breakfast, and we watched a movie later at night. I am thankful for that. However, our day of Action City, Chaos Water Park, out for dinner, and to the theaters was not an option. I was crushed. Especially because it was forfeited for barfing up bile.

My dear friend Jess had a baby girl!! Brinnley Louise was born in the wee hours of February 16th weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, 15 ounces. I was just visiting the teeny peanut, and she is gorgeous. I love her! Mom and babe are both happy and doing well.

Gia was sent home. Vienna stayed. What. the. heck.

I have an online exam, equal amount of homework as is normally assigned, and 2 exams next week. Does time increase on demand? Nope.

Someone got a hold of our debit card numbers and was on a little spending spree in Chicago. Sweet. Thankfully, my wonderful husband took on the duties of all of the identity theft & banking stuff. Also thankfully, we'll get the $400 back. What a jerk face!! We did get a laugh out of the experience, as my father-in-law happened to be taking a walk by our house when the police officer was coming in... you should have seen the look of panic as he was frantically questioning the police officer while walking up to our doorway. Poor guy!

I've been having mega trouble sleeping... and have a very inconsistent routine right now. I don't do well with that. An example, I was up until 2:30AM, awake at 9:30AM, then in bed at 11Pm, up at 4:30AM. My body is confused and mad at me. I don't like it.

Anyway, being that it's only Wednesday, I'm pretty much ready for this week to be done. F'real.


Edwin & Chelsea said...

Wow. Are you feeling better??? Sounds miserable :(. I'm glad your mom was there! My mom is SURE that Vienna is going to win- unfortunately. I bet they last less than a year. Tenley on the other hand, is a doll.

Hang in there with grad school!!!!!!!!!!! Love you. -Chelsea (still haven't figure out how to get it to just say my name.

Anonymous said...

hang in there hun wow what a week huh?! thats scary when someone steals your identity, whofta! Thank god it wasent a girl, or she probably would have spend way more on a awesome shopping spree...

Have a good weekend and try and enjoy some down time...