Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peace Out Debbie Downer

In an effort to kick Debbie Downer to the curb, here is a list of things that I am happy about today (this may be corny, but just appreciate that I'm not expressing the stress I'm actually feeling... I wanted to spare you its ugliness):

1. Going to church with my husband
2. A nice conversation with my dear friends Jamie & Meg
3. The sun shining & weather being perfect
4. Walking outside (see point 3)
5. Eating dinner with my husband
6. Someone bidding on the Coogi Sweaters that I'm selling on eBay for my father-in-law (see picture above)
7. Knowing that this is my last weekend spent studying until May (Yes, I do know it's mid April... don't rain on my parade)
8. Ice cold water
9. Piping hot french vanilla coffee with too much sugar and cream (Ceej at my pile of sugar packets: "You better not be putting all of that in there. Completely unnecessary." That's what HE thinks.)
10. Not having an exam tomorrow
11. Having my double batch of banana bread turn out well (for the OT student bake sale, of course).

Okay, so 10 was a stretch. Whatev. Have a great night everyone! Back to the books for me.

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