Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Hey Blogging Friends!

I know - it's been a long time. Whoops! Here's a little recap of our life as of lately:

Finals week came and went. I went to Rochester 4 days early to focus and stay with some friends (other students) so we could plow through. It was a fun way to end and say goodbye. Because of that nasty snowfall, the 2 nights before my Neurorehabilitation final consisted of my friend and I shoveling out our cars (both covered to the windows). Night 1 = soft snow, took 1 hour for 2 cars. Night 2 = ice pile, took 2 hours with 3 people for 1 car. At least it was some heavy work to get us through finals... and a fun break! I passed, by the way :).

Graduation day was surreal. Met most of my family for breakfast and then a smaller group went to the cities for the Big Event. It still doesn't feel real, although I must admit I got used to not having to study all the time REAL quick.

Christmas - ahh the loveliness of it all! We had 6 Christmases in 8 days and they were splendid. Needless to say, my 2 weeks of break before starting fieldwork (my internship) went by very fast.

I met a group of my roommates from Madison in the Dells for a day of shopping and then staying at a hotel. It was so much fun to get to see everyone and catch up! I was extremely blessed to have been their roommates (7 girls living together and 0 fighting is a rare thing). They're wonderful women, and it's fun to see how different and changing all of our lives are now!

Bringin' in the New Year was a blast - Ceej and I agreed it was our favorite so far. We went to dinner with a group to Houligan's and then made our way to Playmaker's bar. We were there early so we had plenty of space. More friends came by and we ended up having a big group there. It's so exciting to think about what 2011 will bring! I don't really do "resolutions"... my goals for 2011 are to have a baby and get a job that I love.

Fieldwork is going well. I'm in my 2nd week in the Eau Claire school district and like it a lot so far! I am learning a ton, and it is much different than learning from reading books. To be honest, it's pretty exhausting, but I have great supervisors and know it's going to be a great experience. I feel like I've learned so much in just 2 weeks, and I am excited for all I'll learn after 3 months! I've started taking on kiddos (writing lesson plans/performing direct OT with them), and by the end I'll have the entire caseload! EEK! :)

For our nephew Alex's 3rd Birthday we took him to Blue's Clue's Live here in Eau Claire. It was super fun to see how in awe he was throughout the show! The world is so different through a child's eyes.

Pregnancy is also going well. I've gotten pretty big lately! 30 weeks have gone by too fast, and I cannot believe we could have a baby here in 10, 8, 6 weeks... YIKES! Ceej is getting really excited. I'm getting really SCARED (!!) plus really excited. Baby is moving up a storm, and I love love love feeling it roll and turn and punch and kick. It's amazing to actually know what it's doing in there and differentiating it's movements. Here I am at 28 weeks, but I think I look especially big because this was right after eating dinner at Tokyo. Ceej said I really look that big all the time, though ... hmm ... he's probably lying again.

At the moment I have a bad cold (thank you, week 1 of working with kiddos) and have broke down and taken meds to sleep (only those that are okay-ed for pregnancy ... but I still try to avoid them in general). I suck it up during the day, but before bed I steam my face to get the snot broken up and then take Tylenol and Mucinex. This was okay for the past week until last night when my sickness took a 180 in the nasty direction... leaving me up at 2 AM scrounging with our med box and looking up all of our medications online to see if I could take them. Turns out that of all of our nighttime meds, Benadryl was my only sanctuary. What a tease it was turning away from my Tylenol Cold PM, NyQuil, and like 3 others. They were like a Thanksgiving feast to a starving child. One little lick of that liquid gold was pretty tempting, but I resisted. Even though everything I took was okay-ed by my midwife, I still went to bed convinced I just gave my baby a Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

I have my first baby shower tomorrow with my aunts and sisters in Stillwater. I can't wait! Hopefully a lazy Friday night and Saturday day/night will get me healthy enough to get through it without passing out ;).

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