Monday, January 17, 2011

Stillwater Shower

30 weeks pregnant! Baby is still super active, and I love feeling him or her move and move. He or she also gets hiccups at least once per day. I like feeling the little steady pound of hiccups (it's just so cute picturing the little tyke hiccuping), but I feel bad for the poor dear. I mean - hiccups every day? How annoying!

Yesterday I had my first baby shower ever! It was in Stillwater with my paternal aunts and sisters. I had a really fun day - tacos and cookies and games and just hanging out and chatting with family. I also got some very cute gifts for my very cute baby. I came home and sprawled them all out to show Ceej and washed all the clothes so I can organize them in baby's room. Nesting mode? YUP.

This weekend I also felt very sick. Turns out I have bronchitis. Super. I barely slept last night and this morning had no voice. I went to Urgent Care because this "cold" has been getting progressively worse since last weekend. What a treat that was. I had to wear a mask because I was coughing. Normally that is not a problem, but for a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant (AKA out of breath already) and has bronchitis - welp, we've got a wheezer on our hands. I was GASPING for air to the extent that the mask was sucking in my mouth. Pretty. When I was finally in the back room with just the nurse I asked if I could take it off (I was bright red and sweating and gasping at this point). She said no, because we "didn't want to spread anything, now do we?" LISTEN LADY. I told her okay, but I might end up passing out because I cannot breathe through this lead mask. I didn't actually say "lead" but it might as well have been lead. Are you trying to kill me people?! She let me poke my little (plugged up) nose out if I "needed to". YES I NEED TO THANKYOUVERYMUCH. Real helpful. Jerk. Anyway I now am on antibiotics and hoping this little peach passes on by right quick.

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