Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two Perfect Days of Halloween!!

As usual, Halloween lasted two wonderful days for Ceej and I. The first was in Madison with a bunch of friends. Below is a little picture-story of the night.

We stayed at Adam's house and felt VERY welcome. Adam was (obviously) a great host. We grilled out with everyone and then headed to State Street.

Ceej and I were the only ones of our group to dress up this night (we didnt' feel out of place as there were plenty of others on State, of course). After much thought and consideration, we decided on Peter the Pumpkin Eater and a pumpkin for this year's costume. It was easy, warm, and cheap, which are important considerations.

We started at the Irish Pub. Tyler and Timmy were visiting from Kentucky, so we were happy we got to see them as well!

Then we made our way to the Comedy Club where some others met up with us, including Alicia and her boyfriend, Stephen. I was so happy to see my ex-roomie! It had been awhile! We made our way throughout State Street for a long night of fun. It was an awesome night!

The next day Ceej, Mitch, and I drove home and got back around 5 (Mitch was selling his car until the afternoon). Ceej and I had planned to go to my dad's shop where he was hosting his first (annual?) Halloween bash. It sounded SO fun, but we were just exhausted and driving another 2 hours in one night would be brutal. Also, we figured a visit to Stillwater would be better if we could have more quality time with all of my family in a less-social, more-intimate setting. So ANYWAY, we stopped at his parents' for about an hour to visit and see his siblings' cute costumes before we headed home. That's right, we spent Saturday night getting caught up on our shows (grey's, private practice, project runway, runway models... we are losers...), ate too much of his mom's amazing caramel corn, and played Scrabble until about midnight. We passed up about 4 opportunities to go out again, and we loved it that way. No pictures were taken (although I'm sure we were sights to be seen). It was an awesome first Halloween married, and we wouldn't change a thing about it!

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Chelsea Barnes said...

cute!!!!!! Sounds perfect- I like your costumes... very creative?! miss you! I'll be home Monday morning/day, Wednesday-Saturday of Thanksgiving week. Hopefully I will get to see you!!