Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hunting Season

Oh what a season it has been! No deer have been shot thus far, but not for lack of trying (Ceej has been out at the crack of dawn every morning... and I mean CRACK. Like 3:30AM crack). To be honest, I was a little baffled as to the excitement in the whole ordeal, but I felt happy that he was enjoying it nonetheless. Today, my friends, I was given the experience. I have three words for you: I. am. hooked.

I needed a study break and Ceej needed an excuse to not go out hunting again this afternoon. We randomly decided to go out shooting at Big Falls. It was so much fun! I'm serious... you may be staring at a future hunter. I'm contemplating going to hunter's safety. Can you picture it? Deer will tremble when they hear my name!

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Anonymous said...

hahah you look hilarious, and especially with that bright colored outfit on chicka, those deer are definately not coming any where NEAR you looking like that ;) I hunt and i actually really enjoy it, but dont forget gun season was very nice to us with the weather we had, usually its like 15 degrees opening weekend. anyhow, it is a blast and I enjoy spending time with the boys in my family, so its a way to get out, you might enjoy it as well...
have fun with Ceej and enjoy those little moments together, their the ones you always remember!!

Happy TG!!