Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My entire house smells like garlic. I smell like garlic. Garlic is overtaking me. I have a cold, and yesterday I remembered an old home remedy that my friend told me a few years ago. That is, take a clove of garlic (crushed) and eat it plain on a cracker in the morning and at night. Last time I did it, I felt HORRIBLE the first morning after taking it at night, and then completely better by the third day. It seemed as though the garlic brought all the sickness to the surface and out of me more quickly. Well, here's to day two. I first took it last night and then again this morning. I must say, I woke up feeling like death. HOPEFULLY tomorrow will be brighter, especially because I have online classes/homework, and therefore I can't justify "staying in" and watching movies (although I so wish I could!).

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Anonymous said...

hah your sure desperate, I would never use garlic to help, heck no. I would just let it pass by...way to try a remedy girl... ;)