Friday, January 22, 2010

New Life, New Death

There's been a miracle at the Thurner Residence. Our snowman has been brought back to life! This is no lie: The other day Ceej went outside and noticed that (miraculously) his head was back on (you may remember my sadness after it had fallen off a few posts back). I received the following text, "did you put the snowman's head back on?" After a moment of confusion, a ran outside with pure joy and was elated at his slightly shrunken albeit fully attached noggin. When I thought I was losing my mind in school, this reminded me that someday it will be replaced. Sometimes, God sends small miracles to remind us of these things. It was all I needed.

In the meantime, Ceej and I have realized that we are not quite ready for parenthood. Our plant (1 of 2, mind you) has died. I hate to even say it, but this was a very hearty plant. For its first few months in our family, it was only watered about 3 times. It was alive and well. Then, the watering increased and it became oddly water-logged (and by water-logged I mean that the top was dry and straight out while the bottom leaves were like seaweed drooped straight down). We actually got compliments on its uniqueness (when it was sickly and half drooping, half spiking). We were proud. Early next Friday morning (AKA garbage day) will be plant's funeral. No RSVP needed, come as you are.


Sam and Jamie Lacy said...

i am so glad you blog, em. i would be missing so many unforgettable moments in your life! thanks for your hard work to keep us updated even though you have so much on your plate. i eat up your blog portions hastily :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! you are one funny girl..but just SO you know, you can save your plant..usually if they are hearty, they will last, just put it where its warm and there is sun in the window and it will come back to life...maybe next time!! you crack me up!

Bryan and Ashley said...

Em you are too funny! Kids are way easier than plants ;) Good luck with school--I'm so impressed with you!!