Saturday, January 9, 2010

So, did the garlic experiment work?

Well, no, actually. However, I quit early. After 2 1/2 consecutive days of consuming massive amounts of garlic (3-4 cloves a day crushed on crackers), I decided it was not in the best interest of my marriage to continue the experiment. I decided it was time to stop when Ceej stared at me and said he was in no way attracted to me at that moment. I'm not making this up people. Granted I reeked of garlic and felt like I was surrounded by a thick cloud of it, and I truly looked as sickly as I felt...with pale skin, huge circles under my eyes, consumed by my pink Snuggie, with my hair in a rat's nest. I'm neither condoning nor criticizing his comment, but it did put an end to my garlic consumption. So here I am, a week into the cold and still sounding/feeling BAD. Crap.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!! oh Em, you are so funny! I can so totally see that face on CJ when he said that too...I hear that garlic really sticks in your system for along time and you can actually start to smell it on you!! a good workout will sweat it out though!
I just got sick as well and ended up with a horrible back because of it. I guess laying around afterall doesnt always help in the best of our interest huh, or taking garlic?? too funny!