Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter After Hours

Oh what a great night! I have a couple exams next week, so this weekend is dedicated to finishing up other homework and studying. Therefore, Ceej and I decided to have a little date night on Thursday evening. We went to Cancun for dinner and then visited the new "Winter After Hours" at Boyd park. It was amazing! I was very impressed. There's a skating rink and snowshoe trail with snowshoe and skates available to rent. There's also snow sculptures being built, hot chocolate and fresh coffee, music, and a bonfire. It was a really fun way to enjoy Eau Claire! There were lots of people of all ages there, which just added to the atmosphere. The great part is that it's EVERY Thursday from 6-8pm. We left at 7:45 and there were still a ton of people there, so I'm sure it's hip and happenin' until even after 8.

Below is a sculpture that was being built... can you see the little "model" on the table? AMAZING!! Apparently they make a new one every week, so I'm excited for the whole park to be filled with them! How pretty!!

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